Pockit Stroller

The Pockit Stroller would be the best fit for our travel. Light, weighing about 5kg, foldable and storage friendly, unlike umbrella stroller or buggy. I need the recline feature which at the moment yet to reach Malaysian market. I found out about Cocolatte 789 Pockit from Instagram.  Cocolatte is regional brand for Pockit in Indonesia.

I ordered Pockit from Qoo10 Singapore. It would probably cheaper to buy from Qoo10 Indonesia due to foreign exchange, but unfortunately I don’t have any friends living there that could loan me their home address :p Thanks Lynn Ibrahim for being an angel!

So I bought mine at SGD209 (+SGD75 for overseas shipping from Indonesia to Singapore). Limited colour options. I wanted red but sold out and I opt for grey instead.

TBH, the Pockit I bought is not as sturdy as my previously bought Baby Jogger. The handle rod top to middle part quite jiggly and silver in colour instead of black as compared to the above photo. It swivel alright,  brake works fine, folding needs more practice though. I was worried whether it’s counterfeit.

So to satisfy my curiosity, I went to a baby shop selling previous version of Pockit and tried it. Well I couldn’t tell the difference.

As London would be rainy, I bought a really cheap stroller rain cover on separate purchase from Lazada priced at RM15. It fits perfectly. Bonus point, my Qoo10 purchase comes with shoulder/tote bag for the stroller.

Let’s stroll!




Winter Packing List

Inner & Outer Wear

We expect freezing cold and rain shower in this Europe trip. For layering, I roll my dice on Uniqlo’s Heattech (1st layer), long sleeve shirt (2nd layer), sweatshirt (additional 3rd layer) & Uniqlo’s Light Warm Padded Parka (4th layer for our bois), hubs and I will wear Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down after long sleeve shirt (total 3 layers).

Gloves & Socks

Bought a pair for le hubs & me, 2 pairs for my bois. Should we need more, we’ll get them there. Prime target: Primark.


Will use whatever I already have. Thinking of buying 2 pairs of kids muffler from a friend: Kakaksalji. Haven’t had the time to order. Will do soon!


No new ones. Bois will use their black trainers. Still fit. Hopefully.

I wish i could just use my fancy H&M canvas shoes or my black & fuchsia trainers. But that’d make me odd. Huhu. Saw 12730 Skechers quite handsome, RM359, like so:

 I’ll think about it.

Will share more packing items like snacks, meds, toilettries in next entry.