London Day 1

We arrived Heathrow Airport at about 4 PM and queued up for immigration check. It was a long one. My bois cheer themselves playing with each other. They were laughing and giggling they attract some (uncomfortable) eyes. It was probably 30 minutes after that an Indian lady officer asked us what’s going on because Mukhriz was crying and making noise.

Well thanks to him we skipped the queue.  That was the first impression of ‘crying kids are no-no’ in the UK/London. 

I forgot to arrange pocket wifi from Malaysia for the travel. Silly. So le hubs and I bought Lebara sim cards at a shop in the airport. It took us quite a while to install Uber apps and make it work in our iphones. I don’t know what went wrong.

No cash transaction for Uber in the UK. Only credit card is allowed. Get your hotel/apartment address right. Uber drivers use Waze too.

On mobile internet:

  1. Lebara sim card can be purchased as cheap as £10
  2. Mobile data (internet) is more important than airtime. We dont need international calling because WhatsApp already provided that convenience. 
  3. Make sure the countries i.e France, Luxembourg, Germany, you can use the mobile data/internet continuously, if you are traveling from a country to another. 
  4. You can turn international roaming on (Maxis, Celcom). Be sure of their rates per MB/GB. You can call their toll free numbers. I turned off international roaming. For popular europe countries i.e UK, France Maxis would charge RM38/580MB. In Holland you would only get 58MB for RM38. Not sure why. 
  5. Don’t expect they have free wifi everywhere in the country. But they do have it free in malls, RnR.

On getting to hotel/apartment:

  1. There are two airports in the UK. You can check Heathrow Airport website, key in your flight number and it will show you your flight landing terminal. Ours was Terminal 4, LHR. 
  2. Make sure the route from airport to your hotel/aparment.
  3. Decide whether you are going there by train or taxi or Uber or Gett.
  4. We brought 2 medium size luggages, a stroller and 2 bois who are forever restless. To cut drama, we opt for Uber for comfort, time and fare.
  5. It would be cheaper by train. Airport taxis are expensive. Uber from airport to Bayswater cost us about £25, 45 minutes.

We arrived Grand Plaza Serviced Aparment, Princes Square, Bayswater. Located near Whiteleys, Tesco, Thai Restaurant, souvenir shops and Queensway Station (Central Line, Underground) in walking distance, the main reason I chose the apartment.

This is our Quad Executive Studio, complete with kitchenette; microwave, cutleries, cooking tools, eating plates & cups and mugs.

Clean comfortable bathroom. Bathtub, shower, perfect with mango smelled shower foam and shampoo. Love it!

Heaters worked well. Hair dryer at the front table. Iron and ironing board provided. Bonus point.

All for £130 per night, £200 deposit upon arrival. Couldnt spot any flaws. It was worth it!

Breakfast is included in our room charges. You may order Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai for less than £5 at the kafeteria. 

You could find Maybank ATM machine at the Ground Floor. It dispenses GBP. Im gonna share the charges and currency ecxchange in another post 🙂 



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