14 Hours Flying

As planned, we get on GrabCar at 6 AM to the airport. From home it is about an hour journey by car. We took off from KLIA at about 9:45 AM. I have received ample notifications (e-mail & phone call) on the delayed flight (+45 mins from original departure time). It’s always gets in the heart when traveling with Malaysian Airlines (MAS). MH is a little sentimental.

We boarded on Airbus 380, MH004. I did mobile check-in which was available 48 hours before flying time. Totally forgot the upper deck seating. Sigh. I asked Bapak his preferred seating, he said he prefers near the loo and not too far from the pantry so he could get the in-flight meal faster. If he’s hungry, oh boy, he aint gonna wait. Not enough patience that boy.

It’s a 3-4-3 seating, i picked 67th row, in the middle. We were the first to get on board, because we had a stroller with us. Family with little children is a priority, move away First Class flyer. Hehe.

Having Boboiboy a local cartoon series in the flight media is a big bonus. It made the bois sit tight. I assumed headphones provided by the airlines would not fit Mukhriz so I brought from home his own. Clever mama, kan? πŸ˜€

Mika & Mukhriz slept well through the long hours, behaved and enjoyed Boboiboy. I thought it would be an aching one, but i was wrong totally.

Major love for the perfumed cologne, lotion, both for men and women they placed in the washroom. Do I need to mention MAS steward/stewardess service performance? Top notch. Experienced, friendly, gentle and efficient.

We were hit with air turbulence, which is normal. Our flight got shaky but it is just for a moment. And 14 hours later we landed smoothly and safely.

This was the start of a wonderful family adventure! ❀

On MAS Mobile Check-In (iPhone 6s):

  1. Download MAS apps. Don’t forget to Update.
  2. Make sure correct name spelling, passport number and nationality.
  3. Pick your seating. Follow instruction. Done. Check everyoneΒ in, one by one.
  4. You will receive an email of your boarding pass.
  5. Tickets were bought under my name. There were four of us but I only received only one boarding pass under my name.
  6. Do not worry. At airport, go to MAS Luggage Drop counter. You’ll be fine. Forget the kiosk.

What took me so long updating this #littleromanticcomedy?!

I’ve not been feeling well of late. So i thought i was getting my menses but it never came despite stomach cramps and sore breasts. Well, just a day before flying i tried the last piece of pregnancy test kit i keep in my bag.Β  But the purple lines ran up quickly and in seconds there were two lines. We’re gonna have a baby!

I went to see Dr Suhaimi, my gynecologist and he confirmed the sac. I was advised to walk every 2 hours in the flight.

10 days gone. And a month later, tada! here i am, doing some sharing. Morning sickness this time around is a little bit more than i can handle. Nausea was quite bad. I get it all the time. I get hungry at crazy time too. I just had Mee Goreng Basah at 1:30 AM. IKR. Must buy fruits tomorrow.

More sharing coming. Toodles.



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