Trip Day 2 London Day 2

07.02.2017 – City Tour!

Breakfast served at Grand Plaza Service Apartment starting from 7:30 am. We had Nasi Lemak, the bois had bread and Nutella and cereal. The morning was chilly.


I bought Big Bus Tours London tickets online 1-2 months before leaving. The process was easy. All you need to do is choose from the options, make sure your credit card is ready to purchase and print the ticket. Keep the ticket. Buy a plastic folder. A4 size, a cheap one will do. I bought from Daiso at RM5.30. Keep all tickets in one folder.

Free ticket for kids under 5. Yay to more savings! Wallet damage: GBP63 for 24 hours tours and cruise. Print the map and do a lil study on the route and determine your start point the nearest from your hotel/apartment.

When in London, strictly follow your itinerary. It’s very easy to divert from your initial plan. Just stick to it. We waste time walking from Queensway Station to nowhere when we were supposed to jump on a train from Queensway Stn to Marble Arch Stn.

At Queensway Station you can buy Oyster ticket from the machine. We try to avoid using credit card. There’s one cash machine there. I think we bought whole day ticket instead of per ride. For assistance just ask the friendly officers.

There’s a lift/elevator to go underground at Queensway Stn and unfortunately not at all stations. So it was difficult for us to climb the staircases/escalator with a stroller (ours is only 5kg. To fold and unfold it quickly was quite demanding. Huhu) Didn’t know why but we’ve never tried the bus. Hmm…

We ran late to see the changing guards at the Buckingham Palace. A tad sad that my bois can’t experience it as they were so excited to witness one (they watched from Youtube. A lil prep for London. Huhu) When i visited there as a little child, i watched the whole thing that’s why i was excited to share with my bois. Oh well.. Things in the past. But we managed to snap a few photos. I still cant recover from the loss.  Hahaha.

And then we strolled the Hyde Park. The weather was clear and pleasant. The bois were in great mood. It felt perfect. Almost near to heaven.

Hard Rock Cafe is only 11 mins from Buckingham Palace. But as far as i can remember, it took us much longer probably because Waze decided to be dumb that day. We lost. But we found Marks and Spencer on our way and bought fresh grapes, milk, brownies, cereal and chips. To stock up sugar and keep us sane. Lol. The walk was pretty exciting. We got to see the people, the cars, the black taxis, the shops, the road, the greens, the trees, the skies. Can’t believe we made it to London 🙂

It was too cold sitting at the upper level of the bus. The hand warmer packs i bought from Daiso were of no use. But i put 1-2 packs in my bois pocket jeans. Not sure if it worked on them. But not with me. We never get on the cruise. Probably because we had to turn back to the stop and we’re not going to see the same buildings twice. So we forego that one. Maybe next time. We got free 24 hours city tour but to be used on consecutive day. But tomorrow is France day.

We took train to Knightsbridge Stn and shop in Harrods. It’s no surprise you can spend a day just in there. It’s huge. And then we went to Primark. Cheap cheap bargains. My bois were exhausted and Mukhriz fell asleep in stroller. Our feet are killing our souls we could no longer shop and it’s dark outside.

And in the evening we walked the Bayswater Road, going shop to shop, and we had a nice dinner at a Thai Restaurant. You can find other interesting places to eat nearby. We were just lazy to google around. Blame the cold. Hee hee.

Wear comfortable shoes. You need them for walking in London. Strictly no heels.

We hopped on Eurostar to France and the real adventure begins! Till next post.


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Trip Day 1 London Day 1

We arrived Heathrow Airport at about 4 pm and queued for immigration check. It was a looong queue. My bois cheer themselves up playing with each other. They were laughing and giggling and poking. Then Mukhriz cried and making so much noise, came an Indian lady officer asking whats going on. Rasa takut la jugak masa ni. Macam dah buat salah besar je. But anyway, thanks to Mukhriz he got us skipped the queue. Hehe.

I forgot to arrange pocket wifi. So Faiz and I bought Lebara sim cards for GBP10 at a shop in the airport. It took us quite a while to install Uber apps and make it work in our iphones.

No cash transaction for Uber in the UK. Only credit card is allowed. So get your hotel/apartment address right. Most importantly set the meet location right. We trembling cold outside the airport because we waited at departure gate when it was supposedly arrival gate.

On mobile internet:

  1. Lebara sim card can be purchased as cheap as £10
  2. Mobile data (internet) is more important than airtime. We dont need international calling because WhatsApp already provided that convenience.
  3. Make sure the countries i.e France, Luxembourg, Germany, you can use the mobile data/internet continuously, if you are traveling from a country to another.
  4. You can turn international roaming on (Maxis, Celcom). Be sure of their rates per MB/GB. You can call their toll free numbers. I turned off international roaming. For popular europe countries i.e UK, France Maxis would charge RM38/580MB. In Holland you would only get 58MB for RM38. Not sure why.
  5. Don’t expect they have free wifi everywhere in the country. But they do have it free in malls, RnR.

On getting to hotel/apartment:

  1. There are two airports in the UK. You can check Heathrow Airport website, key in your flight number and it will show you your flight landing terminal. Ours was Terminal 4, LHR.
  2. Make sure the route from airport to your hotel/aparment.
  3. Decide whether you are going there by train or taxi or Uber or Gett.
  4. We brought 2 medium size luggages, a stroller and 2 bois who are forever restless. To cut drama, we opt for Uber for comfort, time and fare.
  5. It would be cheaper by train. Airport taxis are expensive. Uber from airport to Bayswater cost us about £25, 45 minutes.

We arrived Grand Plaza Serviced Aparment, Princes Square, Bayswater. Located near Whiteleys, Tesco, Thai Restaurant, souvenir shops and Queensway Station (Central Line, Underground) in walking distance, the main reason I chose the apartment.

This is our Quad Executive Studio, complete with kitchenette; microwave, cutleries, cooking tools, eating plates & cups and mugs.

Clean comfortable bathroom. Bathtub, shower, perfect with mango smelled shower foam and shampoo. Love it!

Heaters worked well. Hair dryer at the front table. Iron and ironing board provided. Bonus point.

All for £130 per night, £200 deposit upon arrival. Couldnt spot any flaws. It was worth it!

Breakfast is included in our room charges. You may order Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai for less than £5 at the kafeteria.

You could find Maybank ATM machine at the Ground Floor. It dispenses GBP. Im gonna share the charges and currency ecxchange in another post 🙂



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14 Hours Flying

As planned, we get on GrabCar at 6 AM to the airport. From home it is about an hour journey by car. We took off from KLIA at about 9:45 AM. I have received ample notifications (e-mail & phone call) on the delayed flight (+45 mins from original departure time). It’s always gets in the heart when traveling with Malaysian Airlines (MAS). MH is a little sentimental.

We boarded on Airbus 380, MH004. I did mobile check-in which was available 48 hours before flying time. Totally forgot the upper deck seating. Sigh. I asked Bapak his preferred seating, he said he prefers near the loo and not too far from the pantry so he could get the in-flight meal faster. If he’s hungry, oh boy, he aint gonna wait. Not enough patience that boy.

It’s a 3-4-3 seating, i picked 67th row, in the middle. We were the first to get on board, because we had a stroller with us. Family with little children is a priority, move away First Class flyer. Hehe.

Having Boboiboy a local cartoon series in the flight media is a big bonus. It made the bois sit tight. I assumed headphones provided by the airlines would not fit Mukhriz so I brought from home his own. Clever mama, kan? 😀

Mika & Mukhriz slept well through the long hours, behaved and enjoyed Boboiboy. I thought it would be an aching one, but i was wrong totally.

Major love for the perfumed cologne, lotion, both for men and women they placed in the washroom. Do I need to mention MAS steward/stewardess service performance? Top notch. Experienced, friendly, gentle and efficient.

We were hit with air turbulence, which is normal. Our flight got shaky but it is just for a moment. And 14 hours later we landed smoothly and safely.

This was the start of a wonderful family adventure! ❤

On MAS Mobile Check-In (iPhone 6s):

  1. Download MAS apps. Don’t forget to Update.
  2. Make sure correct name spelling, passport number and nationality.
  3. Pick your seating. Follow instruction. Done. Check everyone in, one by one.
  4. You will receive an email of your boarding pass.
  5. Tickets were bought under my name. There were four of us but I only received only one boarding pass under my name.
  6. Do not worry. At airport, go to MAS Luggage Drop counter. You’ll be fine. Forget the kiosk.

What took me so long updating this #littleromanticcomedy?!

I’ve not been feeling well of late. So i thought i was getting my menses but it never came despite stomach cramps and sore breasts. Well, just a day before flying i tried the last piece of pregnancy test kit i keep in my bag.  But the purple lines ran up quickly and in seconds there were two lines. We’re gonna have a baby!

I went to see Dr Suhaimi, my gynecologist and he confirmed the sac. I was advised to walk every 2 hours in the flight.

10 days gone. And a month later, tada! here i am, doing some sharing. Morning sickness this time around is a little bit more than i can handle. Nausea was quite bad. I get it all the time. I get hungry at crazy time too. I just had Mee Goreng Basah at 1:30 AM. IKR. Must buy fruits tomorrow.

More sharing coming. Toodles.


Packing Cubes


Packing for 2 adults and 2 kids, we brought 2 medium size luggage for this #littleromanticcomedy trip. Usually i would roll our clothes and carefully filling them in our luggage. But with packing cubes, it is amazing how you would save so much space in your luggage!

We went to Daiso and bought 3 pieces. One for the bois and Faiz, one for me and one more for underwear/bras and panties. RM5.30 a piece cheap cheap.