ErgoBaby Travel Carrier

My secondborn, Mukhriz, is manja. Easily lay flat on floor, throwing tantrum if his wants are rejected. With his size, he has high potential of sneaking away in crowded area unnoticed which pose danger to us.

Therefore, to have a carrier is essential so he won’t escape. Haha.

We’ll bring 2 medium size luggage. A stroller for Mika. So to add another stoller would get our hands full. Solution: Baby carrier that is large enough & good for a 15 kg toddler.

I bought mine from Babydots for RM280. Ergobaby Travel Carrier @ Stow Away is Ergo’s archived item. But there are (limited) online sellers still selling it. Best of Luck!

What I like about Stow Away is its material; light and waterproof, easily fold into its pouch, padded shoulder strap and waistbelt. I think it’s genius and the design is carefully thought of.

Til we read again!



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