Can’t Live without Rice!

A staple for Malaysian, Indonesian, Asian people. Traveling Europe, i figure that it would be quite a challenge to find halal food for my family. Surely we would find Fish & Chips, McDonald’s Filet’o’Fish, kebab and bread but we still need r.i.c.e to live and travel happy. Lol.

I tried to find travel rice cooker online but was indecisive whether to spend RM60-RM90 for an unknown brand/China made cooker. There weren’t many good reviews like leaking, lid problem, too long cooking time, and faulty cooker.

I consider a lot before buying one; space it takes in luggage bag, weight, steam compartment and its capacity. 

I finally landed on Elba Mini Rice Cooker. 

I first came to know about the rice cooker after reading a local travel blog. 

Went to Best Denki, an electrical shop just to look around and found the cooker on sale for RM109 (original price RM119). Not the price i planned to spend but considering the brand and other matched criteria, it’s a win buy.

Comes with a tiny scoop, rice cup and a steamer layer, keep warm function, steamer layer/basket (and lid), capacity of 1.2kg this cooker is suitable for 1-2 people. Total weight is about 2kg. Boleh lah… πŸ™‚

I just checked, it’s now selling on Lazada.

Happy cooking!



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