Winter Packing List

Inner & Outer Wear

We expect freezing cold and rain shower in this Europe trip. For layering, I roll my dice on Uniqlo’s Heattech (1st layer), long sleeve shirt (2nd layer), sweatshirt (additional 3rd layer) & Uniqlo’s Light Warm Padded Parka (4th layer for our bois), hubs and I will wear Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down after long sleeve shirt (total 3 layers).

Gloves & Socks

Bought a pair for le hubs & me, 2 pairs for my bois. Should we need more, we’ll get them there. Prime target: Primark.


Will use whatever I already have. Thinking of buying 2 pairs of kids muffler from a friend: Kakaksalji. Haven’t had the time to order. Will do soon!


No new ones. Bois will use their black trainers. Still fit. Hopefully.

I wish i could just use my fancy H&M canvas shoes or my black & fuchsia trainers. But that’d make me odd. Huhu. Saw 12730 Skechers quite handsome, RM359, like so:

 I’ll think about it.

Will share more packing items like snacks, meds, toilettries in next entry.



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